10 Common Copywriting Mistakes


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Some say copywriting is an art. There tends to be a mystique about it, like no one can write copy except a copywriter. While it helps to have a skillful copywriter onboard, you can learn to write your own copy. Keep in mind the fundamentals and don’t make these copywriting mistakes.


  1. One big mistake is talking about you instead of them. Yes, you do need to tell your story and give them some background as to why they should listen to you, but it shouldn’t start out that way. The headline, the hook, are about the reader and his/her problems, so talk about that. They have pain, frustrations, issues, and you want to acknowledge that in your copywriting.
  1. Another mistake is not having a traffic-pulling headline. What makes a headline good? It’s about the words, the promise, the hook. Arguably, it’s not as much about the font, the color, and the size of the headline. Study what makes a good headline – the words you need to use – and don’t waste a lot of time at this point about which color headline might get more views. Keep a swipe file of good headlines you can draw inspiration from.
  1. It happens often, you get so wrapped up in writing the words you don’t give a thought to keywords. We’ve been programmed to use keywords in blog content and article marketing but we forget, or don’t realize, that keyword placement in copy is important too.
  1. Repeat after me, bullet points are for benefits. Don’t make them about the features of the product. ABC might do XYZ but those are features. The benefit would be about how that helps the customer. Will it save them time, make them more money, help them run a 10K or lose weight? Remember… What’s In It For Them? How will this make their life better?
  1. Some marketers get caught up in trying to figure out how long copy should be. If they get it in their minds that it should be longish, then they write and write to fill up the space. In reality, the copy should be only as long as you need it to be, no more. Cut out the unnecessary words!
  1. Some writers of copy are not trying to selling the correct thing. Are you selling the product? That’s your end goal certainly, but that’s not really what your copy is selling. You’re selling the dreams, the tropical vacations, the size 4 bikini body, the romance, and their own success story.
  1. In an attempt to make copywriting easier for the masses, some marketers have come up with templates. This should just be a starting place. The template gives you the basics and it’s up to you to make your copy unique. Resist the urge to be cookie cutter.
  1. Mistake #8 is not speaking in different mediums. Not all people like to get their sales page in the same way so have something for everyone. Not just the written word, but use graphics, podcast, and video.
  1. Have you ever visited a sales page and couldn’t figure out what the product actually is? Is it coaching, videos, an ebook, a combo, or what? Be clear on exactly what they get with purchase.
  1. Last on this list is no clear call to action. You have to ask for the sale. It might be crystal clear in your mind that you want them to buy, but be sure to tell them.

These are ten common mistakes that can make copy less successful than desired. The best advice is to learn all you can about copywriting… from successful copywriters. Then practice and practice and get it critiqued.



Author: Oliver Flossdorf

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