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Do you want to be successful as an Internet marketer, you need a website.
Do you want to be successful as an Internet marketer, you need a list.
Do you want to be successful as an Internet Marketer, you need have a great knowledge.

Correct? No, wrong The best example is

And we need to talk about. Now 😉


In 2010, Fiverr was launched by 2 marketers, Shai Wininger and Micha Kaufman. Over the years, it’s popularity has soared and it has become one of the top most visited websites online.

In simple terms, Fiverr is a freelancing platform where freelancers sell their products and services for $5 and those who need these services can pay and purchase them. Unlike traditional freelance sites such as Upwork and Freelancer, Fiverr has a much more cool vibe.

The creators wanted it to be a cool and zany place to hangout. The interface is simple and easy to use. There are low barriers to entry. Everything is minimal and yet there is enough to make an informed decision when buying gigs.

Sellers can easily set up gigs which are actually services or products they’re selling. You can set up a Fiverr account within a few hours and be selling gigs within a day. It’s that simple.

While simple to use, it is still an extremely competitive marketplace dominated by established sellers. Do not let that discourage you. There is still room at the top and if you implement the right strategies, you will be able to become a top-seller and make thousands of dollars a month from Fiverr.

This report is short and fluff-free. Yet, it is filled with pertinent points that you must abide by in order to carve yourself a niche amidst the Fiverr chaos. Rising above the noise and being a top seller requires time and strategy.

Are you ready? You are? Excellent… Read on.


Gigs that Sell 

Whenever someone new decides to make some money on Fiverr, they start cracking their heads as to what gigs will sell. If you went on Fiverr and looked under the “Fun & Bizarre” section, you will notice the things that people are willing to do for $4.

What? $4?… I thought it was Fiverr!

Yes, it’s Fiverr and the buyer pays $5 and a 50 cent processing fee. But Fiverr takes a $1 commission and that leaves you with $4. So, you earn $4 a gig.

Now that you’re earning $4 a gig, you’ll understand that in order to earn money fast on Fiverr, you will need to complete the gig quickly and do it well at the same time. You can’t be spending hours to complete one gig. FiverrThe best way to earn on Fiverr will be to offer gigs that serve the internet marketing community. These are the most frequent buyers on Fiverr. If you are focused on making money with Fiverr, this is the crowd you need to appeal to. Singing birthday songs while dressed up as a mermaid may be fun… but you will never sell as many gigs as someone designing ecovers.

You must go where the demand is. Graphic design, content creation, infographics, press releases, keyword research, PPC research, etc. are some of the many highly popular niches that get thousands of orders daily. You need to offer gigs for services like these.

If you do not have the skills, you must learn them. The key to succeeding on Fiverr is to target the gigs that get the most orders. Do not be worried about competition. As long as you’re good at what you do and you have a catchy title and gig description, sooner or later people will buy your gigs.

With time you will have loyal customers and repeat purchases. Just ensure that you’re doing a good job and deliver the work promptly.

You should spend a few days just researching the Fiverr marketplace. Take notes of which gigs have the most orders. Look at the number of reviews to get a rough idea of how popular the gig is. Multiply that by 3. Many people who order gigs do not leave reviews.

Check out the number of gigs in the queue. If there are more than 10 orders in the queue, you know for sure that the gig is awesome and in high demand. Set up a similar gig and you will be able to make sales too.

The key point to take from this chapter is to go where the demand is. Do not try to create gigs that you think may work. That’s a waste of time and for $4 a gig, it’s just easier to see what the rest are doing well, model them and compete with them.


Delivering a Ton of Value for $5 

Since all gigs on Fiverrs sell for $5 each, you really can’t compete on price. What you can do, is compete on value and speed. Marketers are always in a hurry and want the work done fast. If you can deliver your gigs in a short period of time, you will seem very impressive and many marketers will order from you.

They’d rather order from someone who takes 2 days to get the job done instead of someone who takes 9 days. Speed is one way to deliver more value. Try and deliver your gig within 24 hours.

The second way to deliver value will be to offer more value than your competitors. If they are offering a 400 word article for $5, you can offer 2 such articles for $5. Instantly you have just doubled the value of the gig. Is that more work for you? It is! Is it worth it? Yes…. And here’s why.

When you’re starting off as a new seller, people will think twice about ordering from you because you’ve not proven yourself. So, they will go to a proven seller. It can take ages to get an order. By offering twice as much as what your competitors are offering, the buyer may be much more tempted to test out your gig.

All you need to do is deliver the job in a satisfactory manner. Make the buyer so impressed that they leave a glowing review. Once you have several reviews and 10 sales, after 30 days you will become a level one seller. Keep going till you reach level 2. That’s a total of 50 sales in 2 months.

Once you reach level two, you are established and can scale down the amount of work you’re doing per gig. It will be easier for you and your orders will still keep coming in since you are a recognized seller.

Another way to add value will be to offer a bonus after they purchase your gig. If you’re offering a keyword research gig, you can always add an SEO guide together with your report when you deliver the gig. All you need to do is get a PLR report about SEO which comes with giveaway rights and use that as a free gift. It will be of use to your buyer.

Another way to add value is to overdeliver. If you offer a gig that offers a 500 word article, you could write 600 words. It will show that you deliver more than you promised and you’re not calculative.

Any gig can be made better with the right bonus or strategy. You need to place yourself in the buyers’ shoes and see what they would want. Give them what they want and you will have a very pleased customer.


Ranking Strategies

Fiverr has its own algorithm when it comes to ranking gigs. While no one really knows the specifics of the algorithm, by looking at the gigs that appear most often in the searches, many sellers have reversed engineered and figured out that there are a few factors that play an important role in ranking well.

Let’s look at some of them. 

  1. Gigs with videos rank better. You can always get a video made for your gigs on Fiverr.
  2. Gigs that are in many buyers’ favorite lists rank better. It’s social proof.
  3. The use of the word “Fiverr” in your gig description and videos has a positive effect on your rankings.
  4. Sellers who quickly reply to messages sent by buyers are seen more favorably by Fiverr. You want to have a high “Response rate” of above 90%.
  5. Sellers with lots of positive reviews and gigs sold get ranked better.
  6. The more traffic the gig gets, the higher its chances of getting ranked well.
  7. Use the correct tags for your gigs so that they rank better.
  8. Use the main keyword in your title so that your gig is shown when people search for the keyword.
  9. Use an attractive image for your gig and always use a new, unique image for each different gig. DO NOT use the same image for all your gigs.
  10. Offer short delivery times. Gigs with one day and two day delivery times rank very well.
  11.  Change one or two words in your gig description daily. It doesn’t have to be much but doing this sends a signal to Fiverr that your gig is fresh and not neglected. This may rank your gig better.
  12. Reply every positive feedback you get. It shows that you have good rapport with your buyers and active engagement on your part. Fiverr prides itself on being a cool community and rewards its sellers for being cool people. Be cool.


Adding Gig Extras

Gig extras are similar to upsells. You get to have gig extras when you reach the different Fiverr levels. These are like extra services that are really good bargains which tempt the buyer.

Since they are already in a buying mood, they’ll be much more likely to buy your extras if the extras seem appealing. Here are a few gig extra tips you should know. Many sellers make a mistake here.

A gig extra means that it should have more value. For example, if you’re offering to write a 500 word article for $5, your gig extra might be “3 articles for $10”… Now you have got the attention of the buyer. They will be getting an article for free if they ordered your gig extra… and many people will order it.

The mistake that many sellers make is that they offer multiples as a gig extra. If we look at the above example and assume that your gig extra was “$10 for 2 articles”, that’s not a big deal. It’s just like ordering your gig twice. The seller is not motivated. If he wanted 3 articles he would have placed a multiple order for 3 gigs.

The gig extra MUST have more value than what’s being charged. That’s what gets the sale. They must be getting more than what they usually pay for. Graphic design gigs usually offer the PSD files as a gig extra. Video creators usually offer clearer HD videos as a gig extra. There must always be more value.

Another point to note is that your gig extra must be relevant. If you’re offering graphic design, do not have a gig extra of you offering to sing a birthday song while standing in a river. It’s not tailored to their needs. Even offering article writing is not relevant. However, offering a product bundle package design in 3D format as a gig extra is highly relevant to the graphic design gig. That’s how you do it.


Keeping Buyers Happy

The best way to keep buyers happy is to deliver the job on time or earlier and to do a good job. If you have any doubts about what the buyer wants, send them a message and clarify things before doing the job.

If the buyer is not pleased with your work, offer a revision. Do whatever it takes to please them. When delivering your gig, make sure to send them a message asking them to leave a positive review and to add your gig to their favorites. This will help with your social proof and gig rankings.

It is inevitable that you may encounter difficult buyers every now and then. Some may ask a whole bunch of unnecessary questions before buying. A good rule of thumb is to ignore all messages after you have replied the potential buyer thrice and still the questions keep coming. In most cases, these buyers will be extremely difficult to please.

Then there may be buyers who do purchase your gig and expect fantastic work for $4. They will demand more and more and it will just not be worth your time. At the end of the day, they’ll leave a negative review on your page. If you feel like you’ve done your best and the buyer’s negative feedback is not justified, you can always contact Fiverr support and ask them to review it.

If the Fiverr moderators feel like the negative feedback is unwarranted, they will remove it. What’s important here is that you be polite at all times. Do not argue or try insulting the buyer who left the negative review. This just looks bad on you. Let Fiverr support look at the review and decide if it should be removed.

For the most part, the majority of buyers will leave a positive review if you do your best. Be sincere and deliver what you promise and more.



You’ve reached the end of this article. While it may be relatively short, it contains tips that are highly effective. Just by applying the information to your Fiverr business, your chances of doing well on Fiverr are much higher.

Do not feel like you are late to the party. The site is booming and hotter than ever. Even if you get in now, you can still reach the top in a matter of time and become one of the top-rated sellers that everyone envies.

The only difference between them and the new arrivals is that they never gave up. They build their reputation one gig at a time. All of them started off as a new arrival.

Take action today and keep an open mind. Be willing to experiment with Fiverr and test out different gigs. There is a degree of trial and error involved. However, once you find gigs that work for you, they will stay profitable for a long time to come.

I will in the future still more ideas, strategies and publish guidance regarding So hold on the eyes. By the way eyes. I will soon publish a detailed video course.

The best you register to the newsletter. Then you not only get more information about Fivver but receive a great gift from me.

We read each other 😉


All the best in your Fiverr journey.

Author: Oliver Flossdorf

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