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How to write an eBook – eBook Marketing Day #2

Welcome to the second chapter of the article series “How to write an eBook”!

Today it’s all about “Outlining, Writing and Editing”

Here we go!

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How to write a ebook
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How to write an eBook – eBook Marketing Day #1

Are you thinking about writing an e-book? You may think it is a pretty simple process. On the other hand, you might think researching, writing, formatting, publishing and marketing your e-book is incredibly difficult and detailed. The truth of the matter is, the reality of the situation is somewhere in the middle of those two schools of thought.

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3 Ways to Maintain the Perfect Posture – Body Language

Your posture can speak volumes about your character, or the way you feel at any given moment. Someone who’s shoulders are rounded, upper back slouched and keep their eyes lowered tend to come across as sad, depressed, or have low status – read more

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How To Make Money As An Affiliate?

Discovering how to make money as an affiliate online can be a rewarding experience. There are many programs out there that offer unique commission plans to people who are willing to promote products and services. Read this Quick Tip

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How to Be Ruthless with Time

If you’ve created a time management plan and still failed to reach your goals, it’s likely because you’re too flexible and easy on yourself and others when it comes to the schedule. The sorry fact is that time is not limitless. You can’t get more. You can’t work harder to get more of it; it’s a finite resource that cannot be increased or replaced.

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Make Money With Affiliate Programs The Easy Way!

To make money with affiliate programs, all you need to have is a basic understanding of the fundamental principles of online marketing and take consistent action on what works.

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How to Persevere when it Gets Hard

Perseverance is hard to have sometimes. Things happen in everyday life that just make you want to crawl under a rock and hide. It becomes a challenge to stick our heads back out into the world where they may get bitten off in the process. This is what perseverance is all about.

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Cutting Out Negativity

Negativity is one of the most harmful things that any successful person can face. Whether it be your own negative thoughts or the words and actions of others, anything short of remotely positive can seriously hinder your success if you allow it to.

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Forget You Ever Heard the Phrase “Shiny New Object Syndrome”

As a marketer struggling with finding success, you might look for excuses as to why you haven’t found your footing. It’s human nature not to want to accept blame for your failures.

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Boost Your Business With Positive Thinking In 5 Simple Steps

We all know how powerful our mind is. By being pessimistic, you attract negative things into your life. But by being optimistic, you are opening up your life to positive opportunities. Sounds like a great business strategy doesn’t it? But how does positive thinking work exactly? How can you boost your business with positive thinking?

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