Cutting Out Negativity Be Prepared

Negativity is one of the most harmful things that any successful person can face. Whether it be your own negative thoughts or the words and actions of others, anything short of remotely positive can seriously hinder your success if you allow it to.

Cutting the negative factors out of their lives is something that all successful people need to do.

Negativity will find its way into your subconscious mind, hindering the re-programming that you have already done and getting in the way of achieving success. When it comes to getting rid of negativity, those who want to be successful in life should be absolutely ruthless.

Toxic People

Toxic people: They are the type of people who completely drain the life out of you and know exactly how to push your buttons.

Often surrounded by a cloud of negativity, toxic people can be one of the biggest obstacles your success, especially if you are related to one or have one in close proximity, such as in your workplace.

Toxic people often have negative opinions that they are not afraid to share; this can result in you feeling seriously disheartened as they voice their negative views about your goals and plans to achieve them. Toxic people should never, ever be involved in your plans for success – they will most likely never have anything constructive or helpful to say or do.

Cutting out toxic people is not always easy. Perhaps you are related to one, living with one, or working with one.

Maybe the toxic person in your life is a parent, housemate or even your boss. So, what does one do in this situation? If you cannot cut a toxic person out of your life altogether due to close ties or responsibilities, it’s important to cut out talking to them about your plans for success.

Limiting your conversation with anybody who has a history of adding a negative twist to things and creating doubt in your mind about your ability to achieve your goals is a hugely important part of becoming successful and re-training your mind for success.

Even if you try not to take any notice of the negative and unhelpful things that these people have to say, it’s vital to remember that your subconscious mind takes on board everything without you even realizing.

Your Own Negativity

Really getting to know yourself as a human being is absolutely essential to your success. Knowing your patterns and habits and understanding any recurring negative responses to situations is key to changing your mind-set and becoming a more successful person.

What is it that you do negatively on a regular basis? Perhaps you feel the need to drown your sorrows with alcohol when things go wrong, or maybe you take risks that are far too high when you’re feeling desperate.

Whatever it is, knowing your own negativity can go a long way in proactively changing your patterns of thought and action and achieving the goals that you have set for yourself.

Anticipating Negativity

Successful people know how and when to anticipate negativity – whether it be people, situations, outcomes, or their own thoughts and actions. To truly be successful, you will need to learn how to anticipate negativity and prepare for it.

Having a plan of action for when negativity enters your life and being able to tackle it head on is absolute key to becoming more successful. Although you’re not expected to be able to predict the future – there’s no way of telling when negativity is around the corner sometimes – it’s good to get to know different patterns and understand the tell-tale signs.

Being familiar with negativity might seem like something you should shy away from in order to become successful, but actually the opposite is true – the more of an expert on negativity you are, the better you can fight it.

Being Prepared

The road to success is, unfortunately, a long and winding one with many, many obstacles.

It’s very rare to hear of somebody who became a huge success story overnight – whether your goals are modest or massive, achieving them will usually always take some sort of work and effort.

Along the way, do not be surprised to experience a number of setbacks and negative situations. Being fully prepared and having a specific plan of action in place for when these situations come about could be the difference between whether or not you achieve the goals that you have set out to attain.

For example, knowing that at times, you might feel like giving up, is actually beneficial to your success. When you accept that these feelings could from time to time arise, it’s easier for you to have a plan in place regarding what you are going to do to tackle them, clear your mind and start over.

Author: Oliver Flossdorf

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