Offline Marketing with Sales Letters and Postcards

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A mistake that a lot of online marketers make is ignoring the potential of offline marketing. It used to be that direct mail marketing with postcards or sales letters was the go-to way to market.

Then online marketing took off and many businesses left behind offline marketing opportunities – and they’re missing out. But even if you decide that you want to use one of these forms of marketing, there can be a debate over which form of advertising is the better one to use.

The answer is simple. The one that you choose depends on the business advertising needs. If your pitch is short, you won’t need a lot of copy, so using a postcard is feasible and it saves money over sending a sales letter.

This is especially true if you use headline marketing. However, some people prefer to get a sales letter because they think it looks nicer. Plus, using a sales letter allows you to add a responder.

You can’t do that with a postcard. People have become savvier about certain types of sales letters, and if it looks spammy, they’ll just throw it in the garbage unopened.

Some people choose to use a combination of the two methods. You can run a campaign to see which one works best for your company. This will let you know which campaign is converting into sales or leads.

There are plenty of cons for doing either method. The first is that when you mail out offers, you know that address is good whether or not the homeowner still resides there.

That’s why some offers come addressed to “current resident.” When you get an email lead, there’s no guarantee that the email address is a good one or the potential customer checks it regularly.

Plenty of people create email addresses just to catch offers so that they can get the freebies that business offer in exchange for an email opt in. You can include contact information on your mailers.

You can list your email address, your website and all of your social media contacts. Plus, unlike an email, physical things are looked at more often. Email is too easily deleted unread, but that’s not the case with direct mailings.

With either type, you get to include a sales pitch that touts the benefits of your product, your company, you personally or a combination. So it doesn’t matter if you use either of these methods alone or together.

Direct mailing is an opportunity to reach more people with information about your business. What some businesses do is they send out sales letters to introduce the business. Then, if there’s no response, they send a postcard as a follow up.

Author: Oliver Flossdorf

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