What Do Copywriters Do?


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Copywriting is simply the process of having to copy something, perhaps a photo or text, for marketing or advertising purposes. The copy was made for the intention of persuading someone else to purchase a particular product. In a way, copywriting is done to somehow influence other people.

More often than not, copywriters, which are what people who practice copywriting is called, are hired to help in creating taglines, lyrics to songs, direct mail, and even web content. Now, if the content of the article is not promotional, then the writer would be referred to as content writer, instead of a copywriter.

Other types of copywriting that are being utilized today for marketing purposes are press releases, brochures, TV or radio commercial spiels, online commercials, billboards, email, sales letters, online postcards, and other forms of marketing communication. When the copywriting involves social media network, the content will be called as blog posts and tweets.

Most of the copywriters you may find today are working for certain organizations, such as company advertising departments, advertising agencies, marketing firms, public relations firms, broadcasting company, cable service providers, book publishers, creative agencies, newspapers, huge malls, and even magazines. In fact, they are everywhere where writing content is needed.

Copywriters can also opt to work independently. If this is the case, they will then be referred to as freelance writers. They can still work for an assortment of clients, but they do not have any office to go to. In fact, majority of today’s freelance writers work within the comforts of their own homes.

Nowadays, some agencies have decided to combine different forms of copywriting to form a new form of copywriting.  The same principles apply, but with some minor revisions and additions. You can now hire copywriters who can give you content writing services that are more specific to what you or your business really needs.  These new services have been combined with a mixture of editorial services that include SEO consulting, copy-editing, layout, design, social media, messaging consulting, developmental editing, fact checking and proofreading. The bigger companies today have hired one employee for each facet to make sure that they are able to cover all aspects of marketing.

A copywriter is actually a part of a bigger creative team. They are oftentimes made to work with art directors. The copywriter’s role is to make sure that all of the content necessary to complete the advertisement’s verbal and textual data is done. Usually, the details come from the client themselves. They may provide a link where the new data will be copied from. There are others, however, who merely give the topic or keyword and the copywriter will be the one to make the corresponding research.

Basically, what the copywriter does is to tell the story. It is a copywriter’s duty to make sure that the story that surrounds that particular product or company is told to the public. The best copywriters are able to produce a response from the readers, as the product’s story has been properly resonated.

Author: Oliver Flossdorf

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