Make FAST Extra Cash Online With This Unique Way to Sell Your Services Fast Money 1 Fast Money 1Selling services is one of the easiest and most proven ways to earn money online in a hurry.

If you need cash in hand right now, there is no better way to earn it than by offering services to other marketers! There are people ready to pay you right now so you can have cash in hand today.

Don’t get scared off if you think offering services online only involves writing services. You can offer services as a graphics artist, a virtual assistant, a tech assistant, and so on. If you can work and navigate online at all, you can take advantage of selling services.

Can you do something that makes the life of a marketer easier and helps them earn more money? Then, you can sell services.


Finding the Right Market

As always, you need to stand in front of where the money is. That means you’ll be targeting selling services to other marketers. But, you don’t want to offer the same thing every other service provider is offering. You need to be innovative and creative so you immediately stand out from the crowd and get orders right away.

Sound difficult? It’s easier than you think, it just takes a little brainstorming!


Coming Up With Fresh Ideas

You can brainstorm your own ideas for standing out. All you have to do is take a look at the hottest topics within the marketing space and consider how you can offer your services to take advantage of that hot market. Also, consider ways you can “package” your offer so it truly captures the attention of your target audience.


Example…One idea is to design a “business in a box” that no other service provider is offering. Offer a fantastic, can’t beat it deal on something that is all-inclusive and really makes things easy on your clients. You can create giant marketing and writing packages. You can offer to create entire marketing funnels for people. Consider the skills you have and what you can offer that they will immediately snap up because it is such a great deal.


Remember – you always need to focus on the benefit of what you’re providing when you advertise to marketers.

You aren’t offering a business in a box for the sake of it; you’re offering them a way to make even more money. Focus on this incredible benefit and the fact that you are doing all the work for them and you will no doubt get some takers on your great service.

There’s another twist you can put on this method. You can create complete business in a box private label rights (PLR) packs to achieve the same result, or better. It can take longer to earn with this method since you’ll have to create the packs ahead of time. PLR also allows you to sell many more copies and get more affiliates on board. In the long run, you’ll work less and earn more.

This method works best if you’re a writer, of course. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t get your creative juices flowing to come up with a spin on this idea that suits your talents.


Pricing Your Service make money online 1Consider how much you would like to earn by selling these services. Since services depend on you, you don’t want to overwhelm yourself. You can’t take on unlimited orders.

A tip: take on just a few orders, which also creates scarcity. People won’t be able to debate whether they want to hire you or not because they’ll have to make the decision right away. Scarcity ensures money comes in much more quickly.

Note that sometimes, you’ll charge less than you would usually charge because you need to earn money quickly. You want to make the deal so good people won’t pass it up.

Because this is such a special deal, you could set it up so that clients pay you completely upfront. Or, you can require they pay you half upfront and half upon completion of the project.

Consider what works best for you and your clients and how quickly you need the money. As always, you need to over-deliver on your promises.


Finding Buyers

How are you going to get clients to take you up on this amazing service? The fastest way to get clients is by contacting those you’ve already networked with. Contact clients you’ve had in the past or business people you already know. Even if those people aren’t ready to take advantage of your services immediately, they may know someone who is ready.

You can also offer a great finder’s fee or commission for anyone who refers a client to you before you open the deal. You can reach a lot more people than you can reach on your own if people are incentivized to help you. You don’t have to pay them until you are paid – that’s the beauty of it.

You can advertise yourself on social media, on relevant forums, through affiliates and joint ventures (as described above), on your websites, through connections you’ve already made, through paid advertisements, and more.

Once you get your offer set up, you should be offering it anywhere and everywhere. Make it your mission that every targeted business owner knows that you have this amazing, very limited offer ready to go and that you are only taking on a few clients.


Taking Action

Remember to brainstorm based on the methods given above. Put your own twist on absolutely everything you do, consider how you’re marketing yourself with the end buyer in mind, and you will quickly have money in hand… by the weekend!

You can do this no matter what your skills are. You can offer PLR packs and services as a virtual assistant, as a graphic artist, as a tech person, as a customer service representative, as a voiceover artist, as a videographer, as a writer, or whatever it is you do that marketers are willing to pay for.


Here you can download the CheatSheet for this topic


Author: Oliver Flossdorf

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